Developer’s Description

From the developer: “Audio mixing software, for live disc jockeying or for creating mixes for mix CDs or mini-discs. Use your MP3 files directly or automatically decode them to wave files for use on slower computers.”

Thank you for purchasing Crestron onCue

The simple to use projector control for classrooms and small meeting rooms. The following information will help guide you through the installation and set-up process of your onCue device.

DO Guide

This DO Guide explains the basics for getting onCue connected so you can control the projector in your room in just a few simple steps.


onCue Software Tool

This software tool enables advanced features and easily adds new projectors and other devices.


IR Database

This database file includes drivers for hundreds of projectors, DVD players and more.

 onCue IR Learner & Programmer

This product allows you to learn the IR commands of devices not in the IR database. It also lets you load your custom onCue configuration to onCue devices within seconds, so it’s easy to set up ten, twenty‚ even 100 rooms!

Technical Support

Crestron offers an award-winning technical support team:
Contact our corporate headquarters:

What usually make people to remove OnCue Audio Mixing System

  • OnCue Audio Mixing System is not compatible with other installed applications
  • Program gets a corrupted issue unexpectedly
  • OnCue Audio Mixing System is not as good as the user expected, and need to be erased from the computer
  • OnCue Audio Mixing System should be uninstalled first and reinstalled on the PC
  • The application is regarded by the user and some websites as a suspect malware

Most common problems of removing the software

  • OnCue Audio Mixing System program is not available on the Windows uninstall panel
  • OnCue Audio Mixing System can’t be removed from the Windows and always receive a notification
  • Nothing happen when click on the uninstall button on Windows
  • OnCue Audio Mixing System or the related process still keep running on the computer after removing it
  • Some files and traces of the program still can be found
  • Removing process running for a long time and does not come to the end

If must be a headache if encountering such a problem on the computer, and there are still many other problems people might come across when perform the program removal on their own computers. Therefore, you should know the right way about how to uninstall OnCue Audio Mixing System from PC, or the way to fix/avoid the removing issue on the computer. Here are just several options that can support you to   remove the application well.

QuickWiper is a disk cleaning utility that can completely wipe all your sensitive data and activity tracks with a single click. When you are working on your PC your operating system uses some temporary files and data called cache that is left behind even when you have stopped working on your PC. This cache can inform anyone about what you have been doing on your PC, like your recent file history can tell about the media you were just playing or the file you were editing. Your web browser’s history and recently visited pages can reveal your Internet activities.

QuickWiper needs just a single click to wipe all such data that can be harmful to your privacy. Additionally this tool makes your deleted files unrecoverable using the NSA erasing algorithm. Now you don’t need to go to your web browser tabs to clear your history and cache separately. Just install this tool in your system and stop worrying about your privacy. You can also configure QuickWiper to create LOG files with every detail of the wiping and history entries.

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Shortly saying QuickWiper is a must have utility for every home and office PC.