I’ve decided I want to get more into native code development with C++. I’m trying to decide if I would be better served using CodeGear C++ Builder 2009 or Visual Studio 2008. I currently use Delphi 2007, so I’m very comfortable with C++ Builder’s IDE (its the same as Delphi), as well as the VCL and RTL.

I’ve never been a big fan of MFC (from the first time I played around with it in the VS 6.0 days), but haven’t taken a close look at it since then.

I’m interested in hearing from some experts that have experience with both IDE’s, whether they are the most recent versions or not.

Right now, I’m leaning towards C++ Builder because I believe the VCL is much more robust and easier to work with than MFC — but as I said, it’s been a while since I’ve used MFC. I’m not interested in building programs that rely on the .NET Framework because I’m partly teaching myself native development. Is MFC still king for Windows C++? Or is WTL or ATL the big thing?

Any C++ gurus out there want to share their opinions?

EDIT: I understand MFC is not the only gui toolkit for Visual Studio. However, I’m looking for some recommendations based on GUI toolkit + IDE. For C++ Builder, there is only 1 real option, which is C++ Builder + the VCL. For VS 2008, it’s VS + MFC/ATL/WTL/QT….confusing for me since I don’t know much about them.